Details :: Understanding

  • I married my best friend who I met while living in Seattle. She’s a fantastic partner and I love that I get to lead and pastor with her. It is truly an honor to know a woman as faithful and loving to Jesus as she is.
  • I am the Pastor of Student Ministries at St. Andrews in Mount Pleasant, SC. I love investing in our students and following how God is moving with St. Andrews Student Ministry.
  • I was a Pastoral Resident at Bethany Community Church in Seattle, Washington where my #pacificnorthwelch journey began. It was an honor to work with our College Students and relaunch our church’s small groups.
  • Before this, I used to be the Director of Student Ministries at a Multi-Cultural church in Downtown Santa Ana. It was an honor and privilege to walk with this community. Check them out at
  • I am an alumni of Fuller Theological Seminary. It has been quite a ride to get here. I have a M.A. in Theology & Ministry and a M.A. in Intercultural Studies.
  • I am an alumni of California State University, Fullerton – go Titans! I majored in Religious Studies. I met some great people and learned so much. So thankful God had me place myself there. Part of my CSUF experience was being placed at an amazing church community in Fullerton and seeing how a local church can truly be a blessing to its city.
  • I have survived a near death experience as a 19 year old because of a staph infection of the blood. Let me tell you, this changes a man.
  • I love sports. Particularly the Angels Baseball, UCLA Bruin Football, and Los Angeles Rams Football.

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