This isn’t the good kind of dip – like spinach and artichoke dip.
No, this dip is one that can damage your car.

If you’re going to fast and you’re not yet fully prepared for it – a dip can be super damaging. It’ll mess up you suspension. It’ll mess up your neck. It’ll even knock off your smart phone holder attached to your car vent.

Dips are no joke.

Go to fast and ruin your road trip.
Slow down and you’ll survive to keep driving.

The choice is truly yours.

So, my question for you, is how fast are you going?
Are you going too fast that you’re going to hit that dip and ruin your trip?
Can you slow down to see what the road is throwing at you?

Don’t hit that dip.

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not the only scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you’re going and why.

Eddie Cantor

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