Happy Summer!

School’s out. The temperatures are getting warm. Baseball season stands in it’s fully glory. And chances are, you are planning some sort of summer vacation.

Speaking of vacation, have you ever been on a road trip?
A multi-state, cross-country, lengthy road trip?

What did you do?
What was it like?
Where did you go?
Were you a child on a road trip with your parents?
Have you been on one as an adult?
Do you want to do one again?

Personally, I love road trips. If flying wasn’t so darn convenient, I’d much rather have the John Madden treatment and just take a car/bus across the country the entire time.

Road trips just allow you for a chance to slow down and see something different, to see life from a different perspective. Literally, you are allowed to change your perspective one mile at a time.

You drive, you think, you connect, and you see your surroundings change. As you journey longer down the road you find yourself somewhere entirely new.

This winter, my wife and I got the chance to go on an epic, cross country road trip from the top left corner of the country to the bottom right corner of the country. We journeyed down the West Coast, then headed east through the southern part of the USA.

It took us 3 weeks.

We passed through 10 states, traveled at least 5,000 miles, drove over at least 300 bridges (lost track), had at least 15 different unique coffee shops (don’t ask how many ounces of coffee I consumed), and touched base with many different family members and friends.

This #WelchesGoEast road trip was fantastic.

And while I was on it, it got me thinking about life and the lessons it can teach us. It got me reflecting on this crazy road called life we all find ourselves on.

It led me to thinking through this series of posts I’m sharing with you: “Lessons from the Road”.

Lessons from the road – what we can learn from a long, winding, amazing road trip.

Join me over the summer as we talk about ideas such as: detours, rough roads, bumps, dips, tractor crossing, elk, tsunami evacuation routes, hydration, bathroom breaks, food, coffee, the views, journey vs destination, bridge ices before road, and emergency rooms.

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