Letting the Dust Settle

When I began the #pacificnorthwelch journey, behind the excitement, behind the brave exterior, behind knowing I was following God’s call on my life – the next, best, right step – I was terrified.

Absolutely terrified.


Shaking in my boots.

It was a big step; a key transition in my life & calling. 

What if I failed? What if I stumbled? What if I left my community & family behind & fell flat on my face?

What if?

What if I was wrong about my calling & God’s direction?

I know I’m not alone in this.

We wonder about the right job, or that relationship with our significant other. We worry about making a mistake in our life & winding up so far outside God’s plan for our life He can’t or won’t use us anymore. We question everything & sometimes we let fear come before faith; occasionally we let fear hold us back from the next, best, right step in our lives.

We all do it. 

I’m confident of that.

I bet Mother Teresa questioned this too. I know Jesus’ first 12 disciples did. 

But in the end, fear never got the better of them.

Faith won out.

That’s why #pacificnorthwelch is a reality.

Now, almost a year later, I’m left again wondering what is next?

I don’t have a plan.

I don’t know my next, best, right step. I only know faith wins; fear will lose.

If my God worked to get me up here to the glorious PNW & has been so faithful in this season – why would I ever doubt what is next will be better than what came before it?

Sure, dreams & visions of the next year have changed – but in the last year I have had a front row seat to God’s faithfulness in taking a risk – a holy risk.

Callings have been affirmed.

Gifts have been pointed out & encouraged.

Areas of my life have been challenged to give to Jesus.

It’s been a test in learning to trust my gut. 

If I doubted who God made me to be – that’s gone.

I am confident I know whose I am, therefore I am confident I know who I am.

I am confident I am not alone.

I am so sure, as the dust settles, somewhere, sometime, the Holy Spirit will show me what the next, best, right step is in this season – on this grand #pacificnorthwelch adventure. 

What I know is it’s not over. There’s too much left to learn.

In the words of Happy Gilmore, “It ain’t over yet McGavin, the way I see it we’ve only just begun.”


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