The Year of Adventure

When 29 began I had no clue what to expect; as 30 is about to begin I rejoice in the unexpected.

If there was a theme in year 29, it was unexpected. Nothing about the way year 29 played out was anticipated. Yet, arguably, 29 was the best year of my jaunts around the sun.

That’s a funny thing to say. The best year of my life.

I wonder, do I say that every year?

Do you say that every year?

Or, when we hit birthdays and new years, are we honest enough to admit when they totally are a giant garbage fire or flaming bag of dog poo left on your front porch by some rowdy middle school boys?

Sometimes, truthfully, years are harder than others. But sometimes, you get a year of life, so unexpectedly great, you don’t even know where to begin. For me, this year, was the year 29.

29, I kind of don’t want you to end.

29 was the year of new.

29 was the year of change.

29 was a year of growth.

29 was a year of blessing.

But, 29 was challenging. 29 was incredibly challenging. 29 was hard – that’s why it was a year of growth. 29 was intentional and chiseling – that’s why it’s a year of blessing. 29 was unexpected – that’s what will forever make it so memorable. 29 was a year spent following after God’s next, best, right, step in my life.

It’s amazing how much growth can happen in one year of life; it’s amazing how much God had been preparing you to take a leap you never even anticipated but when presented to you it makes too much sense to not take. Then, the longer you are living in the reality of the leap, you begin to see how your life had been building to this season for the majority of your twenties.

The twenties were an incredible season of growth and learning about who God has created and wired me to be.

As I say farewell to 29, I also say farewell to my twenties. As I say farewell to my twenties, I say hello to my thirties.

The year of adventure may be coming to an official end, but the adventure itself will never end. This year of adventure re-awakened the sense and calling of adventure in me grad school and seminary buried.

30, I truly cannot wait to see what you have in store.




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