Practicing Rhythm


I don’t have it. Musically speaking that is. One thing I can pretty much guarantee in my lifetime is I’ll never get on stage to play music or sing in any fashion, because this man with a beard has no rhythm. By the way, when I say no, I may mean negative – like a deficit of rhythm. This was not a gift I was blessed with in the slightest and it’s okay.

Yet, today, I practiced rhythm.

Today, I self-cared.

It was a day my soul, my head, my heart greatly needed. Moving to Seattle has been an amazing whirlwind, it has also meant learning a new rhythm. My routine I developed has been thrown off. Everyplace I once knew, I once went to, for refreshment, nourishment, and connection to Jesus is gone (not literally, but you know what I mean). My Orange County home is now over a thousand miles away.

My rhythm is out of whack.

So today, I decided to explore. I decided to adventure. I decided to seek out new places, new spots, new favorites, in order to develop a new rhythm. Gone is my San Clemente, my Newport Beach, my San Diego, my Sunset Cliffs, my downtown Fullerton, my downtown Santa Ana, my Old Towne Orange, my Angel Stadium, and so much more.

Today, I found one of those new places to put on the list of places in the great Pacific North West. It took a 45 minute drive outside of Seattle to get to the beautiful Snoqualime Falls.

I could have spent hours there.

I did spend hours there.

I was able to take some time and stand in the beauty of God’s creation and bask in God’s providence. I was able to reflect on all the amazing things God has done the past 6 months, and how this Orange County native was able to be standing at the foot of the waterfall, in the Pacific North West, in Washington, outside of Seattle, and in this beautiful part of the world.

Snoqualime Falls will be added to the places I go to for self-care.

However, I have so much more to see and explore up hear. So many places have yet to be added to my new favorites, and my new rhythm of connecting to Jesus and refreshing my soul.

More importantly, in this season, as I practice rhythm, I build routines and patterns to take with me for a life time.

I practice as a single man for the future coming before me. Develop a rhythm now for a sustainable, productive, flourishing future.

Self-care is good for the soul. Practicing this rhythm is important. Let’s do it again Snoqualime Falls.


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