Risk Taking :: Se(a)ttl(e)ing In To the Fall

This has been the theme of my season God was calling me into; this has been how God has asked me to be orienting and living my life the past several months.


Don’t take the easy way out. Don’t do the things you already know how to do. Don’t stay stuck in old patterns or habits. Don’t get comfortable. Don’t take things for granted. Don’t stop growing or learning.


Where are the areas in my life I hit cruise control? What do I want to see changed in myself? How can I keep pursuing the next, best, right step? What will I continue to be willing to sacrifice? Where will I place my faith in the midst of transition?


2016 has not been the year I expected; 2016 has grown me in ways I never could have imagined; 2016 has widened and deepened my perspective, my calling, my vision, and my hope; 2016 has been far better than I could have hoped for. 2016 will always be a year I remember.


So much of life is about showing up and seeing how God is already on the move. Sometimes, this means sensing the need to take risks, holy risks – not stupid risks. These are faith steps where you don’t know what awaits, but you can’t shake the feeling God is pleading with you to jump out of the plane – without a parachute – trusting He has you.


Trusting He is not having you free fall to your death; trusting He is speaking to you, calling yiu, and with you. It means trusting God will show you already had a parachute, or a hang glider, or a jet pack on your person. Or it means while you’re free falling you’ll find a few others on the fall with you, join together, and figure it out together until you see you fell into one of those giant foam pits they have at those trampoline places.


Fall is upon me in Seattle. The leaves are changing color and this Southern Californian native is loving every second of it. In the midst of rain, cooler weather, grey skies, and a new city, God is reminding me the big risk has been taken – but my season of risk is far from over. More opportunities for risk are forth coming.

Don’t get comfortable.


Risk yesterday. Risk today. Risk tomorrow. Risk in the areas God is beckoning me towards. Risk around the wonders of God’s faithfulness. Risk in the aspects worth more than csn be imagined.



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