Hello Seattle, I’m Listening

​If you know me, you may find this as a bit of a surprise… However, I’m an extrovert. Honestly, I know, I’m shocked too.

As a Pastor & leader, I feel this has some instinctual advantages. It means being in a field all about people doesn’t necessarily drain me; it means meetings are not my worst nightmare; it means hanging out with leaders, or anyone, & hearing their story is something I don’t get tired of.

Yet, in this season, in my transition to Seattle, my extrovert can also be a disadvantage. Thankfully, at this stage in the journey I officially know people. Heck, I’d even say I have Seattle friends! But, my default tendency is to run hard, stay busy, & connect with my deep, close friends to renew & find rest.

Well, when those relationships are 2 states away & a thousand miles away that’s really hard to do. Plus, I’m literally around people most of my day. I’m working a lot & I love my work. I don’t mind long hours, but throw in a lack of deep relationships & I know it can be far too easy for me to say yes to anything at work, at church. Especially since it’s how God has wired me.

With that said, I’ve given myself a rule. As an outsider who knows very little about Seattle & has few relationships in the greater PNW, I’ll say yes to just about anything. In fact, my sister even has an incriminating video message she’ll remind me of if she hears I said no…

See, I love Seattle; I’m loving getting to know it’s people & culture too. In order for me to be able to truly live out who I’m wired to be & why God called me to Seattle, I know it involves studying my new city & building relationships.

So seriously, I’ll do just about anything in Seattle. Heck, I may even be willing to go watch the Sounders play soccer…  or if anyone has Seahawks connections, I’d love to see them play 🙂

See, the other interesting thing about being an extrovert is I’m used to talking & knowing the answers. So, this season is helping force me to listen first, ask good questions second, and talk third.

I’m here to learn. I want to soak in as much as I can. I want to hear everyone else & see things how they see it.

I’m the rookie.

I’m new.

I’m a learner.

I’m an achiever.

In this season, learning is achieving.


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