Hello Seattle!


Today, marks one week of being in Seattle.  Last Wednesday, my sister and my new roommates, helped me unload my Honda CRV, and move me into Phiney Ridge – a neighborhood of Seattle. The next day, I started my new position, job, and ministry assignment at Bethany Community Church in the Seattle neighborhood called Greenlake.

The past six weeks of my life have been an absolute whirlwind; the past two weeks of my life have been the beginning of what may possibly be the best adventure of my life. The past seven days of my life has been spent with God using little things to constantly affirm me following His leading in pursuing the next, best, right step.

I was called to relocate from Orange County, California – a life that was good – filled with friends, family, and community, plus two good jobs. I heard God’s stirring asking me to leave “home” behind and move to Seattle, experience new, and trust him that better was coming.

As I write this, I am one week in to this adventure God called me to. Over the past week, my excitement has grown exponentially. I still don’t know what this season of life will fully look like, but what I do know is I’m exactly where God has asked me to be.

Writing this I know I’m living into who God has and is calling me to be. This is not just a now calling, but a lifetime calling. Right now, I practice being a participant observer because I have so much to learn, about so many different things.

This excites me.

I am outside of comfort zones.

I need to trust, rely, and continue pursuing the next, best, right steps.

I need a mattress and a bed so I can get off this air mattress and get better nights of sleep.

But, in this past week, I’m already learning about being open, be flexible, being vulnerable, and simply the art of being present.

Hello Seattle.

Thank you for a great first week. Thank you for the people you have up here I am getting to know. Thank you for what you have for me in the future.



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