Youth All Nighter

To quote the Bob Saget version of Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother, who quotes Lethal Weapon, “I’m getting too old for this stuff.”

But, I do love Student Ministry. I love hanging out with my students. It is always a blast to see relationships built and new experiences grip them.

Tonight, I’m introducing them to the concept of an all nighter or a lock in. I’m running on fumes and caffeine at 2:40 in the morning or at night (up to you). I am totally ready for bed, but instead I get to foster an environment of community.

Am I exhausted? Yes. Does part of me want to be in bed, getting my much needed beauty sleep after wrapping up my bi-vocational week? Absolutely. Do j wonder if I should be working on what I’m doing Sunday? Of course. Am I grateful for my sister who spent two hours here tonight? You betcha. Am I forever indebted to Starbucks Refreshers for providing me with a quality energy drink? No doubt. 

Being a Youth Pastor I love getting to be a part of these opportunities. Sleep can wait. 

All ministry is about relationships. But of you’ve never been a Youth Pastor, you may think it’s all fast food and summer camps.

Some of that is true. Just sub pizza with fast food And he picture I painted is a bit more accurate.

Effective Youth Ministry and effective ministry happens best in relationship. I’ll do whatever it takes to build relationships.

Sometimes that means pulling an all nighter; sometimes that means blogging to stay awake as your students watch the original Karate Kid. 


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