One Year Later – Lamenting a Wasted Life

For some time, I’ve been thinking about what I’d do on the One Year Anniversary of my grandfather’s death. See, last year, my fall-down drunk, alcoholic grandfather, finally lost his life. It wasn’t cancer that got him; it wasn’t drunk driving that got him; it wasn’t any number of things.

Instead, it was an Amtrak Train.  (To find out more about what went check out the article: The Story)

For more context on the full thoughts about my grandfather’s wasted life, read this:Do You Celebrate a Wasted Life?

As I grew up and got older, I saw a man who would rather turn to a bottle than anything else. Meanwhile, he never admitted he had a problem – he was not an alcoholic. Everyone else was, but not him when he sat in those A.A. meetings.

He thought he was invincible because despite his age and his intoxication, he constantly got behind the wheel to drive and somehow, by the grace of God, never ever got into an accident with other people. He ran into things or parked cars, but thankfully his addiction, his wounds, did not cause anyone else to lose a loved one.

If there is one thing about my grandfather’s life I’m thankful for, that’s it. My grandfather managed to not hurt anyone  – to not get in a drunk driving accident hurting someone’s family or loved one’s. I’m thankful for that – my grandfather was not that statistic.

My grandfather’s story is sad. He alienated himself from his family. He had no hobbies other than drinking. He had no relationship with his kids and as a by product, no relationship with his grand-kids. The happy memories of my grandpa that I have, I can count on one hand.

This is what makes me sad. He’s gone and now, officially, the story can’t be changed.

If you are struggling with an addiction, as long as you are alive it’s not too late. Don’t be my grandfather. Get some help. Go to Alcoholic’s Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, talk to a pastor, talk to your spouse, or go see a therapist.

Today, on the one year anniversary of his death, would you please consider donating $27 to M.A.D.D. – Mothers Against Drunk Drivers? I donated $27 because every day 27 people are killed by drunk drivers.

Friends, that is 27 too many.


Donate to M.A.D.D. Today!



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