“You are Here” :: Lessons from a GPS

A few weeks ago I drove down to my favorite city in the history of cities – San Diego. It was exactly what my soul needed. There’s something about this place that will always brighten my soul and I hope one day God let’s me serve this city…

Of course, in typical So Cal fashion, on the way back I got stuck in traffic. I had my GPS on and I saw something on Waze I had never seen before – the screenshot posted above.

“You are here.”

Sometimes, you need something or someone to tell you where you are. Sometimes, you’re stuck in congestion, in traffic, and can’t see past the sea of cars of life. Sometimes, you don’t see yourself making forward progress because traffic around you is going 5 MPH – when you’re lucky.

A reminder of where you are and where you are going is what is needed to reorient your disorientation.

As a leader and Type A personality extrovert, I can get so focused on where I’m going that I lose sight of the present, of where I actually am. The funny part is sometimes I’ve gone farther than I ever thought I did. Other times, I haven’t gone nearly as far as I wish. Thankfully, there are a few times I have actually had a 100% accurate representation of where I am.

Knowing where I am can come in a lot of ways: God, family, friends, community, pastors, and mentors. Being willing to be known, to be vulnerable, and be open is the key.

There is a new season on the horizon, partly because I have been willing to admit where I’m at and not cling to what I wish or hope. A new season is coming because of knowing where I am.

I’m practicing living life open handed. Sometimes it is easy, but in all honesty, it is only easy a fraction of the time. Living life open handed means taking risks and trusting God to lead, guide, grow, heal, and provide.

So, I hold my life open because I know my God is huge and will be with me every step of the way.


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