Self-Reflection & Self-Care :: An Extroverts Journey

I am a strong, strong, strong extrovert. People recharge me and give me energy. But do you know one thing being an extrovert means I usually am playing catch up with?




People can be a distraction. I have energy, therefore, I don’t need to slow down and figure out what is going on. I just need to go hang out with some people, get filled up on the energy tank, and get back to running the race set out before me.

That used to be my simplistic view of self-care.

I have learned how silly that truly is.

Just because I’m an extrovert doesn’t mean I shouldn’t slow down and process – before the bad stuff hits me like a brick Kevin McCallister dropped from the top of an apartment building in New York City during Home Alone 2. Getting hit by a brick, or a bag of bricks (as I like to say) – hurts – a lot. Getting hit by the barrage of bricks, takes time to recover from, time of intentionally slowing down and bandaging yourself up so you can heal. It’s a lot of work that takes time. It can be extremely hard work even though you know you have no other choice.

Yet, why do I sometimes refuse to slow down before I get hit by the bag of bricks? Well, it used to be because I didn’t know when or how I was getting barraged and beaten down by life. My extroversion left me lacking emotional, spiritual, and physical self-awareness. I was ignorant and couldn’t identify what made me weak.

Then, I finally got to the point where I was self-aware enough to dodge the barrage of bricks. But, even in the dodge, I still got hit by the shrapnel. So, while it was an improvement – it still wasn’t a win.

As I grew tired of getting hit by the shrapnel in my extroversion, I chose to look up and see where these magical bricks of pain were falling from. Did you know that these magical bricks of pain that used to pummel me, and were still hitting me with their shrapnel as I dodge, didn’t come out of nowhere? No, they had a source. Shocking, I know.

This was a revelation.

If these bricks come from somewhere, it means they have a source. Unless, of course, there is that 1% chance we live in a world like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, but substitute meatballs for bricks – lots of bricks. Or, from the movie, a world with raining pies. Pies are a lot more fun than bricks. I want to live in a world where pies rain.

Anyway, learning to identify the source is a game changer. Once you know the source, you can put steps into practice to make sure you miss the barrage of bricks – not because you dodge, but because  you cut if off at the source, way before the barrage of bricks begins.

I’m still figuring out how to execute that 100% of the time, but what I know, is tomorrow, I’m practicing self-care by taking the Metrolink down to San Clemente for their Ocean Festival, grabbing some Bear Coast Coffee, and hanging out at the beach for a while.

It’s going to be fantastic.


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