#Throwback Thursday :: Learn to Embrace Your Story

This post is a bit different and a bit longer than usual. This is a series of posts I wrote 5 years ago telling God’s story of saving my life. In honor of #throwbackthursday, please enjoy.


Part 1: In Mexico

Part 2: The Eye of the Storm

Part 3: Shuffling the Deck

Part 4: The Beginning of the Almost End

Part 5: Jonathon was Still Here

Part 6: Dr. Henson & The Bio Hazard Suits

Part 7: The Pick-Line – A Trustworthy Scar

Part 8: My Story is Not Solitary

Part 9: Changed Tides

Part 10: Staph Infection of the Blood

Part 11: Flipping the Page

Part 12: Resetting the Stage

Epilogue, Part 1: Photographic Proofs of How God Healed

Epilogue, Part 2: 2 of My Best Friends

Thanks for indulging me and reading God’s story in my life.


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