The Santa Clara Beach & Bay Motel

One day, when I tell my kids the story of my life, How I Met Your Mother style, this place is going to feature very prominently. I would love to tell you after 10 years this location has grown and morphed into a legend and myth – but that would not give this place enough credit for what it truly is.

This place is the Santa Clara Beach & Bay Motel.

As you can tell by the picture, it is a 5 Star Resort right on the beach of San Diego.

Actually, just for fun, I’m going to pull this place up on Yelp real quick. Hang tight. Read the reviews if you dare… It actually surprised me and got 2 stars on Yelp. If you’re curious, that’s about 1.5 more stars than I would have guessed.

Be grateful the only picture of this place I am sharing with you is on the outside. The inside is about what you can picture if you read the Yelp reviews.

On Sunday, July 3rd, the anniversary of the day I should have died, the day the Staph Infection of the Blood hit me in full force, I journeyed back down to the place that represents the Staph Infection and Summer of 2006 to me.  Now, to be fair, we don’t know if this hotel is how I picked up the Staph Infection of the Blood that turned into Toxic Shock and Septic Shock and 13 days in the hospital.

Yet, to also give the Santa Clara Beach & Bay Motel it’s credit, the students on the San Diego Summer Project found out you could rent this hotel by the hour. The year before I was there as a student someone rented out a room and committed suicide and when they showed up to clean out the hotel that summer to make it livable for 60 college guys (the 60 girls by the way lived in 4 condos across the street), there was still some leftover residue on the wall of one of the rooms… Gross.

This was the place I lived the summer of 2006 when I came down with the Staph Infection. If you know anything about Staph Infections, you’re usually able to diagnose how the person got it. It also usually doesn’t settle in the blood stream; you also usually don’t come down with both Toxic Shock and Septic Shock. However, I was the lucky one where none of the normal was true.

I defied everything textbook about my illness. I had the head of all of the Infection Disease Department of Kaiser Permanente along with 2 floor doctors and a squad of residents using me to learn. The doctors truly practiced medicine in order to figure out what was wrong with me. They spent several days guessing wrong and I was just getting worse and worse. They told my parents I shouldn’t have survived the night, but I did, and I did again, and I did again. People prayer works – the doctors even told my parents to keep it up because they had no idea what was wrong with me.

The fact I’m alive, typing this story, is a miracle.

Internet, God didn’t reach down and snap His Divine fingers to heal me back to fully health overnight.

Truly, I struggled with that for a while.

No, God worked in small ways keeping me breathing with my heart beating, long enough for the doctors to find an antibiotic that worked and were able to trace it to a diagnosis – saving my life.

I should be dead.

10 years ago, a Staph Infection of the Blood should have killed me in a hospital on the Fourth of July weekend. Instead, my God, the God of the Universe, the God who sent His only Son to Earth, who willingly gave up His Godhood for a time, lived life as a perfect man and was still fully God, to die on the cross, and rise again three days later, saved my life.

He healed me.

This weekend I celebrate 10 years of life because God was not finished with me yet.


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