A Prayer for Orlando

A former Youth Leader of mine, now a Pastor in Michigan, wrote and shared this on Facebook today (I asked for permission to share it):

A Prayer for Orlando:
Righteous Father, our hearts are grieved at the wanton and unjust destruction of the lives of 50 humans made in your image, we pray that you, the Judge of all the earth, will establish your perfect peace. Strengthen the hands of those serving the cause of justice and may they bring an end to these acts of terror and hate.

Merciful Christ, we recognize that this act is a symptom of the universal cancer of sin that affects us all. We thank you that you are not a Gd who is far off, but who is near to the brokenhearted, having taken on our human weakness, suffering violent and unjust death on the cross on behalf of us. May the victims and the families know your love and mercy as one who identifies with the downtrodden.

Comforting Holy Spirit, may you minister true peace to those who mourn loss as a result of this tragedy, may you bind together in love the people of Orlando, and of our nation, and may they seek and find your presence in their hearts through faith. In response to this evil, may we not repay with evil and hatred and fear but may our faith which drives out fear, bear your fruit of love.

We thank you that you are a God who stands with and for His creation, who redeems what is broken and who restores what is lost. Bless Orlando we pray.


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