Skateboarder & a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Drive Thru

Being bi-vocational involves learning to live a life of balance. Learning this is not an easy task.

The church I’m the Youth Pastor at is located in Downtown Santa Ana; my 8-5 is also located in Santa Ana. At times this is hard because it makes me long for the ability to spend more time outside the walls of my office serving the city of Santa Ana and seeing what students are up to in Santa Ana – instead of being pent up in my 9th floor office, not being able to be in the city God has placed me in to do ministry.  However, I am super grateful my 8-5 is also in Santa Ana.

Today, at lunch, I needed to get out. Instead of doing my normal routine and walking across the street to The Coffee Bean and Albertsons, I decided to drive down 17th Street to the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut. I had a pizza and bread sticks craving I needed to fulfill and took the excuse to see a part of Santa Ana outside my normal Wednesday routine.  Sometimes, a lunch drive, pizza, and sunshine break is what the soul needs to pray and recharge.

For those of you that don’t know my city, 17th Street is a major street in Santa Ana. It intersects with all the other busy, large streets and it crosses a lot of geographic distance. In fact, it also extends through nice parts of the city and some pretty rough neighborhoods. It is a critically important street in the life of Santa Ana.

As I was pulling into the most amazing drive thru not hosting In-N-Out or Chick-Fil-ATaco Bell/Pizza Hut – I saw something I always wanted to do on my bike as a teenager… Two high school students were in the drive thru line on their skateboards.

My first reaction was to be impressed, then it turned to frustration as I saw they were holding up the line. After a few minutes they jumped out of line – I don’t know if they were messing with the car in front of them, or if the speaker box didn’t recognize their presence since they weren’t in a car. Any way, it went down, they got out of line and I got my pizza.

But at 1:30 on Wednesday afternoon, it made my brain start rolling and dreaming.

What were these students doing out there?
Who were they?
What do they enjoy?
What do they value?
What school do they go to? 
What is their family situation?
What was their relationship to each other?
Do they have older influences in their life? Are they positive or negative?

I’m thankful to be in the season I’m in, but my heart longs to spend more time dreaming and seeing my city – not stuck inside the walls of an 8-5 office job.

I’m grateful God is at work in the city, in my community, even while I’m in the confines of an 8-5 office. It is amazing to know, God chooses to use me – He doesn’t have to use me.

Balance is coming. I’m learning and growing into this bi-vocational life every day. I’ll live this season as long as God has me in it.


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