As a follower of Jesus, I think the church needs to be known for hope. We must be hopeful people. Yes, we live in a broken, fallen world – but Jesus came as the perfect man & fully God – ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven that will ultimately be on full display when He comes back again setting everything to the way it is designed to be (Revelation 21-22).

Is the vision of Revelation 21-22 fully here yet? Absolutely not, but we do see glimpses of this world break through now and again.

I love sports – particularly baseball. I also love watching fat guys play sports at high levels. One of those guys is New York Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon. Sure, several years ago he got busted for PED’s – but now he’s 42 and showing everyone that anything is possible.

Bart, as he is known commonly, is not known for his hitting.  In fact, his lack of hitting ability has made him internet famous. He routinely swings so hard, his helmet falls off:

Yes, this is a professional athlete who is getting paid millions of dollars. Yes, he has the ultimate “dad bod”. But he proves there is hope, because this portly man who can’t hit – did the impossible last week. He hit his first career Home Run at age 42.


When life is rough and you need some hope – remember this  42 year old baseball player. Let Bartolo remind you it’s never too late to get started; let Bartolo remind you there is always time to change; let Bartolo remind to celebrate the moments where you find hope, where you find God at work in your life, in your city, in your church; let Bartolo remind you to smile, laugh, and enjoy all God has given you as you follow Jesus.

Growth, change, and healing can happen. God is at work.





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