Summer is Coming

Game of Thrones’ tagline is “Winter is Coming”. We Youth Pastors have our own tagline’s – “Summer is Coming”.

It’s one of my favorite times of years as a Youth Pastor.

My students are excited to end the school year and play video games all day. Or  hang out at the beach. Or sleep. These are things I think we can all relate to. However, what I love the most about this time of year is that it is graduation season.

It’s an exciting and scary season for many students and their parents. What is going to happen to my child when they go away to school in the Fall? What is going to happen to their faith when they are not surrounded by their family, their church community, their youth group, and their Youth Pastor?

I don’t have answers for that. But, I do know we can worry about it too much. We can pray that students have a personal relationship with Jesus – not one that is solely their because of growing up in church or a Christian family. Pray for your student and encourage your student.

Most importantly, pray for them to encounter Jesus in a radical and profound way. That is far more important than any program can offer.

With that being said, take a moment to laugh and read this satirical piece:



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