You Lose It Faster than You Gain It #whoneedsaleftknee

The sauna is a great place to think, especially after a grueling work out. However, every now and again, you realize something you don’t want to realize. In this case, I have lost so much muscle on my legs and it depressed me.

See, my legs have always been the strongest part of me – especially after tearing my ACL the first time in 2008. I made it my goal to keep them strong, because I knew I needed to. I loved going to the gym for leg day, seeing the dudes who are totally yoked out, go to the leg press machine and have to take off weight (when I was too lazy to re-rack my weights).

Yet, in the span 4 months, I have lost everything in my legs. My legs are flabby and scrawny; my legs are weak.

My strength is now a weakness.

Have you ever been at a place in life where your strength turns into a weakness?

Maybe it’s a physical one? Maybe it was a time where your emotions where thrown into a loop and your maturity had to grow? Maybe it means you lost your community or your family?

I don’t know how this hits you, but I’m reminded that sometimes, in seasons of learning and pruning, strengths may have to become a weakness. This left knee is a metaphor for the season of my life and the learnings are only beginning to be uncovered.

Just remember, you lose it a lot faster then you gain it.


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