Today, I “worked” the job that is my passion and what God has wired me uniquely to do. It was a fantastic day of taking 6 middle school and high school students on an “End of Summer Foodie Adventure”. It’s the times in ministry that are the most fun and rewarding – outside of camps. There’s something about naturally building relationships with your students – with no agenda – just being present.

But, what today signifies a bit is that summer 2015 is over.

It’s been a whirlwind of a season and I’m excited it’s over.

If you watch Seinfeld, it was supposed to be my “Summer of George”. That is, until today after graduating from Fuller Theological Seminary, I re-tore my ACL, tore my MCL, tore my meniscus in 2 places, and did cartilage damage.

Friends, this is what we call winning at life.

Since June, I’ve been walking around with 1 good leg and it’s been doing some interesting things to my soul. For the sake of this post and the start of my processing, let me leave you with this thought.

Have you ever had a situation in life you wish you got a mulligan on? Has something ever happened to you where you told yourself, what you would do if you had to do it over again? Did you ever go through something and when you came out of it the first time, you learned so much more about yourself, after thinking you couldn’t do it the first time, and never, ever wanted to do again?

Welcome to the summer of #whoneedsaleftknee. 

I’m determined to do it different and will not let it be the same story. So far, I think it’s been a success but the hard part is yet to come.


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