One Year of Life

So much has changed. God has done some incredible things the past year. It has been a blessing to watch and be a part of. Yet, the last year of my life was tremendously painful as well.

Thank God for pulling me out of that season. Thank God for getting me out of my bitter, dark and cold winter. Thank God for giving me hope again.

A year ago today, I lost a brother from another mother, one of my best friends – Ramon Vidaurri III. He was an amazing man. He was a friend, he was a brother. We helped each other live life. I was in his wedding; he would have been in mine.

Him and his wife were only married for 10 months.


This still breaks my heart. Tonight, as I can’t sleep, I found something I wrote two weeks before he passed away last year:

“I will still, more then ever, faithfully ask for my powerful and amazing God to heal my brother. Yet, I will also pray for my God to use this to His glory; I will pray for God to heal the hearts of us who are walking this path.

I will celebrate his life of faithfulness and one day, no matter what, I will get to greet my brother – who is fully healed – with a giant hug. One day, no matter what – he will ultimately be healed and I will praise Jesus for that.”

Tonight, as I can’t sleep, I rest in that last paragraph. I will see my brother again one day.


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