Team Jesus, Romney or Obama – Maybe there is a Different Option?

Tomorrow, November 6th, as an American I wake up with the notion and idea of choosing the next leader for the free world. I wake up with the idea that my vote matters and I can change the world by who I vote for as the next President of the United States of America. My vote will bring hope, change and progress or will elect someone so evil the world will never be the same again. The choices lie in paradox, contradicting each other. Who will I vote for? What will I choose to do?

Then I wonder, what do you do when neither candidate actually looks different from each other? What do you do when neither candidate may actually make the world and the country a better place? Who do you vote for when both candidates with the only chances of winning may not actually be capable of doing the job?

I live in this world.

I don’t live in this world because I’m an American with the biggest pride in his country and want to return it to its former glory (whatever that means). I live in this paradox because I’m a disciple and I understand the kingdom of heaven, the way of Jesus, is not intertwined with a political candidate or even one way of government. As a disciple I long for the church to be the church, inside this world, America and their cities and if the church lives out the Gospel and its kingdom values – it does not matter who is the President of the United States or what form of government we live under.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Aren’t I a naïve post-modern-twentysomething-cynic who wants to turn his back on church tradition and the heritage of our faith the founding fathers founded this nation on? This is not the case. I understand God is God and the kingdom of heaven is not contingent on who the person is leading our country. Do you think the Christians in China care about if Romeny or Obama win the election tomorrow? (Honestly, this is more then a rhetorical question.)

My fellow disciples who long to follow in the steps of Jesus of Nazareth, I ask you this: be peaceful; speak in love; understand we presently have an ability to have a voice in who leads this nation – one day this may not be so – so be careful how intimately connected to politics we are. As we vote tomorrow, keep our eyes and our hope fixed on Jesus Christ as the hope for this world, this nation, our city and the people who inhabit it. No matter who wins the election tomorrow – the world will go on. Jesus will still be faithful; Jesus is always up to something.

Maybe things will be worse four years from now then they are today; maybe things will become perfect four years from now (doubt it). However, what I do know will be the same today, tomorrow and forever – Jesus is King and He is about making His name famous in all the earth.

As a disciple I long to see Jesus’ name made famous – not the Republican name or the Democrat name. I long to see Jesus name proclaimed and praised by every tongue – not just my own

My hope, my vision, for four years from now, is that the church can become the most compelling organism and community on the planet that we don’t turn our hope to a government or a man in four years to make the world a better place, but continue to unleash the church to be the most compelling force of change on the planet.

May our election tomorrow, lead to an environment for the church to reclaim its places as the most dynamic, captivating and loving entity on the planet. May tomorrow be the start of the world understanding, true change and hope can only be initiated by Jesus and the church.

This is my hope.

This is my vote.

I won’t be voting for Obama, or Romney – or even Jesus (I don’t think He’d make a good President – He’d tick too many people off). I’m voting for the ability for the world to be captivated by the church – one step at a time.


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