Lessons from Riding the Rails

Riding the rails of Orange County and Los Angeles begins to teach you something. It begins to open your eyes to the lives and stories all around you. Driving and being stuck in traffic makes it easy to forget there are people all around us who have stories which need to be shared, received and cared for; while having one story – God’s story of Jesus Christ they desperately need to hear.

It’s funny to see the like of the people who ride the train. It is full of them all. For instance, to bring some light to this situation, there is currently a woman picking her nose with reckless abandon. These are the moments riding the rails which make me smile.


The rails are full of people.


These people need consistent presences to share the Gospel with them. They need steady influencers in their life to live out the Gospel in such practical ways they cannot ignore Jesus any longer.


Big cities captivate my heart and soul. As an Orange County native, traffic doesn’t bother me – it’s the price we pay for being privileged to live where I live. Yet, what I know is how much good quality, public transit can do.


Honestly, my commute to school is easy. I could do this to work and save stress when I have a wife and kids. I can save on the budget and even help go green. Public transit is captivating in many aspects.


Most importantly riding the rails is a means for the Gospel in ways siting in traffic will never have the ability to be. It puts you in your city, forcing you to interact daily with those we in the middle class may choose to unintentionally ignore.


I don’t want to ignore these men and women who need Jesus.



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