Today’s Adventures in the Land of Fuller Theological Seminary

Upon entering into Fuller Theological Seminary, I was curious where I was going to land theologically. By this statement I am not saying that I was wondering what team, or where I would stand on the core fundamental issues of theology. Rather, I was curious where I would land when it comes to the controversial, minor theological things that are plaguing the world.

In short, am I liberal or conservative?

See, at California State University – Fullerton, as a Religious Studies major I was considered, a conservative, evangelical, fundamentalist. It’s funny because I would never consider myself one of those in my undergrad days. I knew I was evangelical, but I never fit in or agreed with the Jerry Falwell’s of the world either. Deep down, my foundation, my core values and framework leans conservative – not fundamentalist. This is in part because of my upbringing; you can’t fully shake your upbringing.

However, at Talbot School of Theology, I was considered a liberal, charismatic, and by some, a heretic. CSUF was secular and liberal; Talbot was conservative and Christian.

I have walked in both worlds. I have survived both world. Fuller however, is somewhere in the middle. There are students to the liberal side and to the conservative side – same with the professors.

Myself, today, during my class on Faith and Politics, as we were talking about immigration, I discovered on this issue I was somewhere in the middle. Honestly, this does not shock me.

Naturally, I enjoy this. I know when push comes to shove I tilt to the conservative side. I like this. Personally, I think this will keep me in touch, sane and able to walk the difficult middle ground carefully and safely. I know my in the middle may not be appreciated by all and there is still much to find out at Fuller. But as of now, I’m landing in the middle ground.


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