Covenant Sunday at ROCKHARBOR Fullerton

This year at ROCKHARBOR Fullerton I make a covenant with my community that I will be all in and fully invested in seeing the Gospel applied and lived out inside my city.

I accept and take responsibility fro my and RHF’s identity through ministering to college students. During the next year this value will be my waking, sleeping and lingering value. I will bleed; I will not rest until our college students are fully being equipped and shepherded to carry the Gospel into every facet of their lives – classes, work, family, friends and future. I will spend my energy working to give college students opportunities to get their hands dirty for the Gospel and with leadership opportunities. I will work to allow college students opportunities to lead, learn, grow and fail.

I will practice the art and discipline of family by bracing an authentic brotherhood. I will let my brotherhood know and shape me. Likewise, I will shape them. We will embody Proverbs 27:17 and we will take 1 Timothy 1:18 to heart as we wage good warfare for the sake of the Kingdom. The brotherhood will increase and we will model the authentic ways of masculine community.

I will serve and love on the college students of North Orange County. I will go to them in mission. I will equip and train up students to take the Gospel to their peers. I will pray for it to be at CSUF as it is in heaven. I will ask for favor and blessing to see the places where God is already on the move – so we can step into them. I will strive to see CSUF as an institution not known for its academics, but for the community of disciples which love and serve it.

I will sacrifice my time and energy to invest in mentoring relationships. God has blessed me with gifts to give away and I must past them on to others.

I am Jonathon Welch and I am ROCKHARBOR Fullerton. This is family. This is home. I will orient my life in such ways as I expect God to move in ways we never can expect. I make this covenant with my community.


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