Lead Me Into Risk

My time at Fuller Theological Seminary has been brief – only two weeks. Yet, I already feel more at home here then I ever did at Talbot School of Theology. The reasons for this are numerous, but one thing I know more then I knew two weeks is ago is that I took the right, holy risk.

A year ago at my church’s Seek Week (a week where we set apart time to seek God for our church, city and self), God told me to not be afraid to risk holy risks. What I got was a phrase of God wanting me to be asked to be led into risk. I didn’t want to take stupid, selfish risk – but holy, worthy risks. Now, this Sunday marks the start of our church’s Seek Week again and it is fascinating to see what God has done the past year.

I took a risk and am at Fuller. There is so much about Fuller that is risky from job, finances and location, to the actual academic side of it. Yet, it was a risk I had to take. I had no other choice.

One year later and I’m living out one of my risks; one year later and there are many risks I never imagined; one year later and there is a risk I thought I was called to not take, but yet is staring me in the face yet again.

Seek Week is a time to seek; seek I will because I never expected this to come back into my mind again. I never sought it out. I did not ask for it. Yet, here it is, one year later, staring at me again. God spoke, led, guided and loved me a year ago in the process and I’m confident He will do it again.

I wonder how it will go this time?

Fuller is under way, but it is not everything – it is just one step on a very exciting journey.




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