Thankful for Mentors

The month of September was a very interesting one. It has piled and combined with many different transitions. Strangely enough that is how God usually winds up doing these things in my life. He also tends to have these things line up as He longs to usher me into newness. September was this.

As I type this I cannot help but think of Green Day‘s “Wake Me Up When September Ends”. October is here and I’d say I’m finally beginning to wake up. Yes, not everything in my life has changed – newness is not across the board. However, newness is springing forth. A new season is dawning – though it still hasn’t fully rose. Yet, September itself has forced me to have even more reason to sit back and contemplate things.

September has made me reflect on the men in my life who have taken their time and energy to invest in me as a man, leader, disciple, servant and brother. They are men I can never forget. They are men I will always be indebted too.

When these men call me out, I have to listen. When these men challenge me to something, I must hear them out. When these men say God may be up to something, I’ll make the time to listen to them. These men have the ability to speak into my life because they know my story, life, vision, values and abilities.

Each one of these men I’m thinking of has had a unique opportunity to actually shape these things inside of me. I could not be who I am right now without them. I’ve had many great men who have mentored me. Yet, with everyone of them we’ve never defined our relationship but that is exactly what they were and our. I willingly, joyfully sit at their feet to glean their wisdom and experience. They are men whose lives I look at and am humbled by their willingness to follow Jesus wherever He calls their families. These men have the ability to discern how the Spirit of God is on the move. These are men I long to be close to because they are close to Jesus.

If my mentors speak; I will listen.

I also feel my life is in need of a new mentor. I will be patient. I will wait. The next season I’m about to prepare for is one where I know I need a man whose been there before. I wonder who God will place in my path.


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