Obligatory Post with the First Debate Tonight (Not, It’s about Faith & Politics)

Does God Really Want Mitt Romney to Win?

What are your thoughts and reactions to this?

“God is trying to make this so clear to us that if it happens, it’s his finger.” Glenn Beck

I am so surprised the Mormon side of Mitt Romney is not a bigger debate in this election.




2 thoughts on “Obligatory Post with the First Debate Tonight (Not, It’s about Faith & Politics)

  1. If God cares one way or the other about who wins a political contest, or a football game, or an Academy Award, then I have a lot less respect for God. You would think a Creator would have more important things to think about. Just because “His eye is on the sparrow”, it doesn’t mean His eye is also on the Dow Jones average.

    1. If the world is God loves people, then why would God not care about those things?

      The difference I think is, if we think God cares about these things in the same way we tend to care? Does God care about politics – yes, because the world is His and He wants people to meet Him. Does God care about a football game – yes, because they are His children and He has allowed us the ability to use His created, given ability in this way. does God care about the Academy Awards – yes, because those people are His children and they are either using their talent to push forth His values or values that are in conflict with His. Does God care about the Dow Jones – yes, but not necessarily in how we do; maybe He wants it to crash so it forces people to come to Him and rely on Him?

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