NT Wright on the “Human Project”

NT Wright in After You Believe is blowing my mind space right now. Take a look (emphasis his):

Jesus Christ has put the human project back on track – actually, more than back on track. It was, all along, God’s project through human beings for the whole world. In Jesus the Messiah, God has indeed overcome the problem caused by the eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; but he has done more than that. He has also led the human race, at last, to taste the Tree of Life. That is what Jesus’s resurrection is all about, which is why, back once more in Revelation 22, we find the Tree of Life growing beside the river that flows out of the city (22:1-2). Humans are called, in and through Jesus Christ, to become what they were always made to be. And what they were made  for can be summarized in one single word: glory

(page 89)


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