Reflections from a Seminary Student – Year 2 :: I Am a Leader Wherever I Go

A mentor and friend of mine is gifted with the ability to teach. Honestly, I would probably listen to him teach me about paint drying. His style, his words, his presence is captivating. He used to not always get to “teach” as a profession – thankfully this is what he is blessed with now.

He tells stories of what he did before he got to bet paid to teach. He talks about his jobs he had to pay the bills. How, even if he wasn’t getting paid to be a teacher – he was always teaching and preaching. His teaching was so intricately tied to who he is that he could not not teach.

My mentor has to teach.

It is who he has been made to be.

Wherever he goes he will be a teacher and he does it wonderfully.

Over the course of the past year, I have been thinking about this a lot – especially I was in a job which was not the best fit for my “skills” and at a school where I was not wired to be. I began to think about how God has uniquely wired me and how I get to live this out in the day to day – even if I’m not getting paid for it, even when it’s not my profession.

Calling and profession do not always go hand in hand. At times you work a job or jobs to pay the bills. At times you are in seasons of waiting and anticipations – not action or charging the gates to the castle.

What I realized is how I’ve been wired with a vision to lead and love people. I want to see people get on mission and see people meet Jesus. This is me no matter where I am or what I am doing. It just so happens one of my favorite niches in the world is college students. There is nothing I love more then interacting with college students and seeing them talk to people about Jesus. Seriously.

This is who I am – whether I get paid for it or not. Honestly I do not care.


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