A Thought for ROCKHARBOR Fullerton :: They Will Always Be Family

Sunday is coming.

Sunday is coming.

I am not ready for Sunday.

For over a month now I have been living in a tangible expression of the now and not yet – in reverse. For over month I have been living in a world where the stable and the sure thing was still here – even though it was leaving. Over a month ago I found out my pastor, mentor, friend and brother was being called to advance the Kingdom in Chicago.

It is an opportunity he can’t pass up; he shouldn’t pass up. His family will benefit. He will benefit. The global church benefits. The Kingdom benefits. Chicago benefits greatly.

Even, our community – ROCKHARBOR Fullerton gets to benefit as we get to send off the best we have to offer, his family. He was called to Fullerton to launch this expression of the Kingdom. I have been there for the entire journey and it has been one to behold. It has been beautiful. It has been a foretaste of what is to come. To quote him, it’s been “strong”.

However, this season is officially ending. The not yet is becoming now. For over a month it was easy to ignore it – even though it was hanging over me. He was still here. I tried to soak in as much as I could, but even those moments were painful.

Sunday is coming. It’s his family’s final Sunday as the pastor of ROCKHARBOR Fullerton. Soon, when we talk about him, he’ll be known as the founding pastor. Soon, there will be those that call Fullerton home who don’t know his name – but his legacy of faithfulness, vision and loving the city of Fullerton will live on. Our community will have been forever formed and cultivated by this man’s passion, love and desire to see Jesus made famous.

ROCKHARBOR Fullerton is more than just a man. We always have been. It has always been about Jesus and how the Spirit is already on the move in our city. Frankly, we have always been struggling to catch up because from the day it started the Spirit has been up to some amazing things in Fullerton. Jesus and the Spirit are still here. They are the basis of our community. We love Fullerton well because God loves Fullerton.

Chicago is blessed because they get this family. We are blessed because we get to celebrate how God has used this family for His Kingdom and how God will use this family for His Kingdom. Fullerton is also blessed because we get to see the beauty of the Church in action – we get to see God on the move and raise up men and women to continue on the work God used this family for.

We cannot replace them. We must not try.

Our community will be stronger and better for this because we are family and we send off members of our family. They will always, always be part of Fullerton – even if they stay in Chicago forever.

We are ROCKHARBOR Fullerton.

They will always be part of us.

3 years ago before the launch of ROCKHARBOR Fullerton we sought out to make sure Fullerton was a family. As we send them out, we get to remember and celebrate our familyness. It is no longer an idea on a piece of paper or a vision in the sky.

We are family.

They will always be family.

Steve, Sarah, Emereson and future Gahna Baby may you go in grace and peace. May you walk in favor and know always that Fullerton has your back. May you know God is calling you to this and may you know He will keep you. May you know greater things are still to be done in Fullerton and may you know greater things will be done in Chicago. May you know your family is cheering you on. May you know your family longs to celebrate how God moves.

You will be missed. You will be celebrated.



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