A True First World Orange County Problem

First World Orange County Problem

I love my county, my city, my region. I do. But there are many things about my area which make me laugh. There are many things which make me mourn for the sake of the Gospel.

This article is one of those examples.

Firstly, someone purchased a $73,000 pool table. Breathe this in for a second. Can you imagine having the funds to do this? I’m not saying you can’t have pool tables or nice, elegant things if you have the means – but there’s luxury and then there is spoil. Which one is this?

Second, they are suing over their $73,000 pool table. Regardless of what you think, here is the quote in the article where I lost it:

The buyer feels an injustice has been done, says Martin. The complaint seeks $219,000 in damages. Nottage, asked for comment by ABC News, did not respond.

I’m curious how someone logics this. They spend $73,000 for a pool table and when it is broken, they ask for $219,000 in damages? Can you imagine this? This is my county, this is my city. This is my home.

I have millions of observations about my city and one thing I know, is learning how to do life and ministry and in this context has been huge. How do you share the Gospel with people who feel they don’t need it? How do you do ministry when your area is divided into the have and the have nots where we are pushed to always keep up with our appearances – even when we don’t have the resources of others?

Pray for Orange County.


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