Reflections from a Seminary Student – Year 2 :: Community Wins

Community. Family. Belonging.

There is always a choice. If you want to be in a family, have community and belong, it takes commitment. When you strive and stress that a community is more important then a job; that an experience is more important then a title – you are setting yourself up for a journey you could never have been prepared for.

Moments will arise when you wonder if you made the right choice. Is the community worth it? Is being family worth the effort? Why should I belong here, now? Couldn’t I just fast forward the process and get the train to skip a few stops along the way?

Do you taked a job in ministry for the sake of taking a job that pays? What about even if you know it will pull you away from your community, even if you don’t technically have to leave your community? The job would be doing something you’re passionate about but it would cause you to live in two worlds that pull in contradictory directions. It would effect community.

Belonging would still be real – but it’d be lesser. It’d be fractioned. It’d be impaired.

As this journey is refined and directed, there are always moments which demarcate a journey. Community, family and belonging is something to hold onto and not let go of. For no matter where I go, what I do or how I do it, I cannot succeed without community. I need their support. I need their blessing. I need their opinion. I need their contrary opinion. I need the good, the bad and the ugly of community. I need them to teach me practically about Jesus to balance out my intellectual knowledge of Jesus. We must be in it together.

Community keeps me grounded. Family helps me translate the classroom into real life. Belonging reminds me no theology is worthy of study unless it can be properly implemented into relationships. 

During my journey community must always win.

RockHarbor Fullerton is family. It is home. My community is there. I belong here. Where else could I go?


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