Television that Speaks to My Soul :: How I Met Your Mother

Marshall, Lilly, Barney, Robin and Ted. These five characters are the foci of the show which speaks to my soul. These five characters make me laugh, make me sad, and entertain my time. This show is favorite current show on television. It is amazing.

Not because I laugh.

Not because it entertains me.

Rather, because it speaks to my soul.

God is everywhere. He is in the world, speaking, all the time. Yes, How I Met Your Mother is about a community of friends, nay, family, that don’t live the same lifestyle as me, or even one I would say they should – but this show speaks truth into my soul. Mainly, it has a way to keep me steady, faithful and content in my singleness.

Ted is constantly on a search to find his wife, but he can not do anything to magically make her appear. Sometimes he tries and when he does he really screws it up. It blows up in his face.

I know there is nothing I can do to make my wife magically appear and I’m perfectly okay with that. I can sit, wait and prepare myself for her arrival. I can seek after God more and more. I can refine my character more and more. I can continue to follow God’s plan for my life more and more and allow God to move and let our paths unite.

It doesn’t scare me.

I could be single for a long time.

I could even be single for the rest of my life.

God is good. He is faithful. I’m content in who he has created me to be. I am me and I will always be me. My calling is mine and not someone else’s. When the time and person come, God will have me ready for her and her ready for me. My vision and calling won’t scare her.

She’ll want what i want and want to go with me in it.

How I Met Your Mother is an example in not being able to stretch or force the issue. It reminds me to be me and stay content.

I am content – even with a lot of my close friends getting into relationships.

Single and content. Single and happy. Single and amazed. Single and worthy. Single and able. Single and ready. Single and seeking more of my God. Single and savoring these days. Single and hopeful.

Single and knowing GOd is on the move in my life, so I can celebrate with my brothers as God moves uniquely in theirs. I love it.



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