Dear Owen #2

(I wrote this one, days ago. It sums up my heart perfectly.)

To my nephew Owen,

I am writing you this letter at an interesting time in my life, your father’s life & even your very young life. I sit in the inbetween wondering how all this will play out. Honestly I don’t know. What I know is I am praying for you, your best & the means for you to encounter Jesus – even in this young stage of your life.
Your Uncle loves the written word. Yes I can use the verbal word, but sometimes, the written word can convey things this tongue is not equipped to say.
I saw you during your first 24 hours of life. You were the first newborn I’ve ever held. I am grateful for this.
See, life won’t always make sense. My twenties have taught me this. But it is worth the adventure. It is worth the time.
If you commit.
This season I am witnessing is all about commitment. See, as your Uncle I long for your best. I long to be the best proponent of you I can be. And though you don’t know it yet, even though you may not be able to recognize it yet – this season you are in is important; it is crucial.
I will not let you fail.
We will not let you fail.
We will teach you. We will guide you. We will love you. We will protect you.
I cannot promise a whole lot else. I know you are in this season because God wants to use you in great ways. I cannot wait to see what you become.
In this season, this is my prayer.
You are loved more then you can ever know.
Your Uncle,

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