Dear Owen

(I wrote this for my nephew, close to a year ago. When I finally found out his name. My brain is filtering and processing all kinds of things involving my nephew today…)

Dear Owen Ellis Welch,

I now know your name. My heart & soul are thankful to have a name to attach to the family that has yet to arrive.
I know you don’t get it yet but writing & prayer are two passions of mine. I haven’t met you, but I finally know your name.
A name is an important thing. Deep down, your name is a portion of your identity. It will always be yours. You are Owen.
Middle names. Take them or leave them. They are usually icebreakers or trivia questions. Your middle name is more then that. It’s a tradition. It is a legacy. The first born son in every Welch family carries it. Your Pop has it. Your Grandpa has it. Your great Grandpa has it (we’ll save that subject for a different letter). I do not. I am Baker. Your other great Grandpa’s (he’ll get his own letter too). Middle names, your middle name is more then filler – it is a reminder of legacy, of family. I long for Ellis to be a reminder of what once was, but will never, ever be again (a letter will be on that too). Your identity is in your name Owen Ellis.
The most important name you have. Your first two names were chosen for you. Welch was placed on you by God’s sovereign plan. You are a Welch. Owen, as you grow up, mature and encounter Jesus continually I pray for you to understand just what being a Welch means. Your Grandpa and I have made it our prayer and goal for you to understand your history.
We will not let it repeat.
We cannot let it repeat.
Owen, you are not here yet but this is already our goal. We already love you. God has you here, now, for a purpose. We long to see you find that purpose.
Knowing what a Welch is matters. You are not just a Welch though. You are created by God. He loves you more then we do. Our love and striving for your good cannot match His. You are not here yet; God already wants you; God sent Jesus to die on the cross for you before Welch’s were even around.
Owen Ellis Welch, this is your true identity. This is a Welch – a beloved son of the King. This is my prayer for you…
Your Uncle,

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