Longing for Wisdom :: Learning About What to Do When There is No Foreseen “Good”

Sometimes, there is just no good option which can be perceived. Sometimes, all one ca see is a bad option, another bad option and maybe even a worse option over there. When life is orchestrated well and we are allowed to see multiple paths, with at least one good option, a decision and advice is easier. However, sometimes, there are no good options.

What advice do you give when you know either side of the equation is advice you don’t want to give? What do you do when you have to give advice to a situation you cannot dream of getting rid of? What do you do when there are situations where the pat, normal Christian answers will never, ever suffice? Do you speak in vague spirituality? Do you speak in Christianese? Do you quote Jeremiah 29:11? What do you do? Does it work? Does it ever feel sufficient? Do you jsut feel hollow on the inside knowing what you just said without even taking into account the 90’s catchy, cliched bracelet question of “What Would Jesus Do?”

This summer my church spent time in Ecclesiastics where we got to ask tough, real, hard questions about life. The Preacher understood that when life gives you lemons, at times the best you can hope for is sour, pulpy lemonade. Yes God will still and always does show up – He’s never left. but it will not always be rosy, happy and filled with rainbows, unicorns, pots of leprechaun gold and magical buffets.

There will be pain, trial and struggle. Our hearts will break. Our souls will become burdened for the ones we love. And at times this is the best we can think about mustering.

As I long to know how to pray, how to think and what to describe to people, I’ve realized I need wisdom. The Preacher left us wisdom about life. I need this wisdom. So, on top of what I normally do for my times with Jesus, I’m just going to read through the wisdom literature, over and over again. I want to soak in it. I want to see clearly and hear clearly.

I want my words to be few and His words to fill my soul.

I am praying for wisdom to discern, hear, see and speak. Will you please pray this for me to?

Give me ears to hear things unspoken;
Give me eyes to see things unseen;
Give me a heart to discern things with wisdom and grace.


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