The Preacher’s Conclusion :: Where is Our Worship?

Below is the blog I wrote for the ROCKHARBOR Fullerton blog.

The Preacher’s Conclusion :: Where is Our Worship?

Ecclesiastes has come and gone. As all seasons go, so did this one. Our season of questioning, analyzing and interacting with questions of complexity in the midst of the status quo are bidding us adieu.  The words and teaching may now be quiet, but our hearts are now left in the wake of the Preacher of Ecclesiastes.

You may be in a place of summer, loving every second of what God is showing you. Others may be in a place of winter – where they think the Antarctic winter of darkness must be pretty nice, after all the cuddly polar bears and adorable penguins live there, so how bad could it really be? Others may even find themselves in the midst of fall, where the water on the lake is starting to get choppy, but other then this, the boat still runs fine.

Maybe, like myself, you even find yourself in the midst of spring. A season which is clearly not summer, but the sun is peaking through the clouds just ever so slight. Snow is melting and the snowmen the kids down the street built are now turning into gooey, mush men. The groundhog has come and gone, but there are still many aspects reeking with the scent of winter. It’s cold, it’s wet, and occasionally, on a good day, the sun can warm your soul.

Then when your hopes are skewed with excitement of summer’s coming, another snow flurry hits your city and you think Jack Frost never actually left, did he?

Spring is a mirage.

Summer will never come.

Life is one long winter – this is all it was ever meant to be.

Yet, now, rather then before, you are beginning to see how God is using this season. Maybe you are starting to see what the next, best, right step is. Maybe you are learning the lessons God longs for you to grasp and glean. Maybe, just maybe, you are beginning to see a flower emerge from the muddy, murky, melting snow. Maybe.

Personally, I find it easy to worship God when life is easy – summer – or when life is difficult and dark – winter. But when life is murky, when life feels like one bludgeoning gauntlet after another, where I know God is on the move, but yet, He still will not allow me to fully grasp and celebrate in the freedom and warmth of sunlight, I find worship to be painful and hard.

I become cynical.

I think winter has come again.

I lose sight of the great and mighty things God has done and will do.

I need to be reminded how great my God truly is.

This weekend at ROCKHARBOR Fullerton, our community saw the sum total of the Preacher’s wisdom. Joel pulled us into an encounter with God’s un-fathomableness (pretty sure I just created a word here).

Ecclesiastes is about restlessness, wrestling with God until we come to see Him as the source of our fulfillment. Everything in life is a reason to go to God. Everything in life is a reason to worship for, because, through and in – even if it is murky, or happy, or sad, or contemplative.

Each one of our seasons is a reason to worship God, not a reason to run from God. For myself, I need to remind myself God is on the move – He will not leave me in limbo. So instead of becoming cynical and forgetful, I will become remeberful (created word number two) and push into worshipping God with everything I can muster.

What has Ecclesiastes shown you? Where do you need to worship?


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