Siting, Wishing, Waiting Patiently for Summer

500 Days of Summer is a movie which surprises me. I have watched it twice now. Probably, almost, approximately, close to a year apart.

I had heard about it as the people of my generation raved about it. I listened. I received and then I finally watched it. I fell in love with it.

My sister showed me it after my breakup last year. She swore to me it would help. What I loved most about was how there was hope – for Tom and for me. Reminders are reassuring. This movie helped me walk in healing. Sometimes, it is funny how a movie can do that.

Last night, I watched it again. For the second time. Now, I’m in a completely different stage of life. I’ve transitioned from fall all the way to spring. Life is still hard, but I’m beginning to see how God is on the move, even with the dark, murky, deep mud I’m currently walking through.

Funny thing happened last night, this movie left me with the same amount of hope it did the first time – even though I was not recently just dumped.

Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin, and they end, with no lasting memories made in between. Most days have no impact on the course of a life. May 23rd was a Wednesday.

See, life is life. I am waiting for one of those moments where you just shake your head and marvel at what God just did. However, those days are out of routine, they are the un-normal, they are the rare and few. Most days are just a Wednesday. Most days are just another day. Most of the time nothing remarkable happens. Yet, in the end something remarkable does happen every day, you become one step closer to stepping out of this season.

Every day is a springboard to hope. Every day is the process of phasing out of spring and into summer. I’m left with a reminder of hope; a reminder that life is still moving and will continue to move – even when I do not think anything spectacular is happening.

So ironically, I’ll wait patiently and expectantly for summer.


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