A Literal, Pictorial Example of My Season :: Antartica

A Literal Picture of my Season

I long to think dawn is breaking in. I am striving to see a new season come into bloom. I know it is coming – it has to be. It cannot stay winter forever. It cannot.

The season has to change.

Even Antartica gets out of it’s crazy season of winter. Even they experience a summer. And I’m sure the first time they get the chance to see sunlight they must party as if they have never seen natural lighting before.

It was incredible, but it hurt my eyes.

Can you imagine? I can imagine this.

Winter has been long. Spring is here, I think, but the sunlight of summer is going to be breathtaking. It is going to be a time to allow me stop, stare and marvel at how God moves. Honestly, I cannot wait.

Truly, I am looking forward to my eyes hurting.

What a day this will be.


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