Essay #2 I Wrote for Fuller Seminary

Presently, I am a student at Talbot School of Theology. Deep down inside my bones, I have always known this is not where I belong. I come from a secular university, where I majored in Religious Studies – I was one of the few people like me in the entire university, much less my major. Now, I sit in a vacuum of people who look and sound like me – it is disturbingMy secular university thought I was a conservative, evangelical fundamentalist. Here, they think I am a liberal charismatic. Consequently, I feel this means I am doing something right.

The two worlds are fun and miles apart and I feel Fuller is the middle ground the foundation of my journey’s next season is needing. Throw in the fact I feel God leading me to plant a church and Talbot does not know what to do with me. As I progress into who God has made me to be, I am understanding how He has wired me. I miss non-Christians.

Talbot is a fine institution and is good at some things – but here at Fuller is the opportunity to study things in a setting that fits with how God has wired me to be and prepare me to plant a church at the same time. Talbot is a place where I feel they are capable of replacing the infantry on the front lines (i.e. staff to already existing churches) while Fuller is more capable of producing the Special Forces who need to think for themselves and engage with people and culture (i.e. church planters, missional leaders).

At Fuller, I would study theology and culture, hopefully getting a Masters in Theology and Ministry, along with a Masters in Intercultural Studies.  These degrees would help round out and add to my tool box with the ability to apply the Gospel everywhere I go as I long to see the Kingdom manifest itself here on earth as it is in heaven. The ability to combine theology and culture together is an opportunity Talbot lacks. These are the passions that drive my life – seeing the Gospel applied every day and allowing those who do not yet know Jesus come to know Jesus.

The opportunity to double master at Fuller will stretch me and test me in ways I cannot imagine. The ability to stretch my brain and soul with ideas outside my potential comfort zone excites me. I long to be refined spiritually and intellectually and I feel Fuller will allow the most room for this. As I prepare to plant, I long to be have the most well-rounded character, spirituality, heart and intellect I can, to persevere on the race God has set before me.


One thought on “Essay #2 I Wrote for Fuller Seminary

  1. Coming from a secular undergrad to the conservative bastion of Southwestern I too feel like and sound like a liberal at times. It has taken me changing degree plans to find the fit that seems to move me further in God’s call. Good luck with your situation. I think every seminary/divinity school has people like this too so at least we’re not alone.

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