On…Receiving Love

Currently processing some of the same thoughts inside different contexts and situations of my life right now. Grateful for this and the ability to know I am not alone.

Anchor Brave

“While you may feel physically and mentally strong, you will experience a forceful undercurrent of anguish.  You sleep well, you work well, but there are few waking moments when you do not feel that throbbing pain in your hear that makes everything seem up in the air. You know that you are progressing, but you can’t understand why this anguish keeps pervading everything you think, say or do.  There is still a deep, unresolved pain, but you cannot take it away yourself.  It exists far deeper than you can reach.

Be patient and trust.  You have to move gradually deeper into your heart. There is a place far down that is like a turbulent river, and that place frightens you. But do not fear. One day it will be quiet and peaceful.

You have to keep moving as you are doing. Live a faithful, disciplined life, a life that gives…

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