Parents Delighting in Their Children

Parents Delighting in Their Children

God is always speaking. God is always trying to teach us things. In fact, sometimes He’ll even use things you constantly put in your life that don’t seem spiritual in any sense of the term. For me, one of these things is sports. Tonight, I had one of those magical “aw ha” moments while watching the olympics – particularly the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team taking home the Gold Medal.

Honestly, gymnastics is one of the sports I find the least fascinating – in part because of the judges. However, stories fascinate me and I’ll watch the USA beat Russia any day of the week, brings me back to the Miracle on Ice. So, it really boggles me that it was during this I had a moment to ponder.

The video above is the only thing I could really find on the internet to give an example of what hit me, but at the same time, the expressiveness of these parents being all in and feeling every second of their daughters routine is remarkable. Honestly, I don’t know who felt more stress the parents or the daughter? But look at how much they celebrate when their daughter is done, fully living out the gifts and abilities she has been blessed with.

Isn’t this how God feels about us? Does He look at us with anger as we screw up, or does he track with us like the parents of this olympian? He agonizes with us in our lows, our struggles, then celebrates with us in our highs. Our God is not one who watches us with disdain thinking “how could we struggle with that?” Rather, He is one who is constantly encouraging us to get back off the mat and live in the ways He has wired us and called us to be.

If our earthly parents can exude such joy for us when we succeed, how much more does God? Sure, there may be moments where we go on the adventure of a roller coaster, but at the same moment these are the ones which let our abilities rise to to the top as we learn to dig deeper and rely on God more then we ever thought we had to.

Just like these Olympians, God has given me abilities and gifts to nurture, steward and use. I am who I am because He wants me to live in my identity and my wiring. As I live out these talents, my Father rejoices with the same exuberance these parents of the Olympians do.

I’m humbled and grateful. I long to live out my talents, abilities and gifts because when I do, I make my Father extremely joyous.


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