6 Years & Counting :: Remembering the Staph Infection

Six years.

Wow. Somehow tonight has hit me hard. Every year this week comes and goes. There are always different emotions and things that spring forth this week. I never know what to expect to anticipate my soul needing.

Six years have passed and more are coming.

When you stare death in the face it changes you. You cannot walk away an unchanged man.

Realizing you have been granted extra time, more days to live, when you should be six feet under is a surreal thing. God saved me. He saved my parents from burying their child. He saved me because He wasn’t finished with me.

Now, this is a thought that shapes a soul.

Then I wonder, this year, unique and unlike other years, why He chose to save me and not my brother Ramon, who was married? These are my thoughts six years later.

Grateful doesn’t begin to describe it. In fact I don’t know how to describe it. July 3rd snuck up on me this year. It actually managed to surprise me – that has never happened before. I am alive because He chose to save me because He was not finished with me.

He is not finished with me.

He is not finished.

There is still more to be done.

I am alive for a reason. 6 years later and counting. Where will this ride go? I cannot begin to imagine how this story ends.


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