A Vision Into ROCKHARBOR Fullerton

I wrote this while in the 7pm service 2 Sundays ago. I felt these were not my words, but words for our community given by the Holy Spirit. It then was posted on our blog this past Friday here: http://fullerton.rockharbor.org/2012/04/20/all-in/#more-1072.

For two years we have meandered and wandered through north Orange
County, looking for a stationary place where we could love on the city
of Fullerton from. We started as a dream on a piece of paper – it was
just a blank page – nothing had been imagined, the paper was pristine
and unmarked.

The blank page was soon filled with vision and dreams.

The vision was powerful and strong – may it be in Fullerton as it is in heaven.

Ideals and values were all we had.

Excitement, anticipation and fear were what filled the waiting.
Expectations? We just hoped people would show up and buy in. Three
words filled the landscape of our community: identity, family and
mission. We longed to not just be a group of people who met in a
building, doing church – the goal was to be family. The goal was to be
a family whose intent was to point out where Jesus was already moving
in Fullerton and north Orange County.

We never anticipated what was to come. Who could have?

Prayer gatherings on the Wilshire lawn and movie nights on the Fox,
led to gatherings at the Monkey Business Café, building to SexLoveGod
at the Plummer Auditorium. Even after this weekend no one anticipated
what our story would be. How could we?

It was still dreams.

Our anticipation was growing. We knew God was in this, but we would
never have guessed this. How could we?

A night of vision preceded our first gathering at the Wilshire
Auditorium outside downtown. One planned service turned into a plus
one, which was off our script. We went from hoping and dreaming of a
compelling vision, to seeing how God was stirring in His city long
before we ever knew what was coming. How could we have known?

We learned and practiced what our community could be on the fly – we
had to. From the beginning we never could be about a building or
programs. How could we? We needed to rely on the Holy Spirit to lead –
this is what we had to be about. We had no choice. Our community was
one to let it be in Fullerton as it is in heaven.

We were invited into SOLFUL and then more. How could we have known?
SOLFUL led to a Richman partnership. Our community has been changed.
How could we have known?

Our community was led to wandering. We have been nomads – we know what
this feels like. God has allowed us to not call a building home. Three
locations in two years, with many, many doors being closed in front of
us. This journey has shaped our community in ways we could have never

How could we have known?

A new season is emerging. What will we encounter? How will God grow
our community? We cannot know – how could we? Our journey as a
community has always been stepping into the unknown; what God has had
for us has always been bigger and better then what we dreamed for
ourselves. What can we expect?

This is the journey of ROCKHARBOR Fullerton. Will you be ALL IN with
us, during this next season and allow God to shape you, as He shapes
us once more?


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