ROCKHARBOR Fullerton :: The Year of the Terrible Twos?

The community of ROCKHARBOR Fullerton has been walking an adventure together for two years. It has been a powerfully exciting two years. God has been faithful and granted us tremendous favor inside His city of Fullerton. It has been more then the crew of people who walked together, dreaming about this campus, could have imagined.

It takes breath away, inspiring awe and wonder.

Yesterday, I sat with this community at both of our services as we announced a shift to three services – two in the morning, one at night. I remember dreaming about our first prayer gathering; then there was Sex, Love, God; then we dreamed about February 28, 2010 – our first service; we longed to have a service where families could come and not just be a community of twentysomethings. I remember dreaming big dreams – dreams birthed by God, for His city of Fullerton and North Orange County, which only He could usher into existence.

Now, there are three services. We have wandered for two years, using multiple locations for Sunday gatherings and countless venues for midweek gatherings. Now, we have a home – sharing a building with a Seventh Day Adventist church on the border of Fullerton and Placentia.

We have a location of development and opportunity – Sunday through Thursday.

A more permanent location does not mean we have “arrived” as a church. We have a building; the building is not important because we, ROCKHARBOR Fullerton is not a building. The location, allows us to create oppurtunities for development and engagement, for equipping and unleashing.


Our young community has changed greatly in the span of two years; I cannot wait to see how God shapes our community in the season to come. As one of our leaders put it Sunday morning, we enter into “the year of the terrible twos”. There is a Holy Spirit feeling inside of me saying the terribleness is not going to be bad for our community – it is going to shape the foundation and makeup of our community for years to come.

Year three is going to be one we can look back on years from now and say: “God started this here. Who could have imagined?”


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